The Twilight Assassin


Noble by birth, Skye abandoned a life of luxury and wealth to pursue her dreams of excitement and adventure. During her time spent on the streets, interacting with the criminal underworld of the Realm, she discovered a natural talent and boundless passion for killing. When her career as a contract assassin brought her fame and fortune, she caught the Magistrate’s attention and now serves as one of Grand Magister Karne’s closest advisors. To her the War of the Realm is just a long-term contract, one that won’t end until the last of the Paladins are dealt with.

Wrist Crossbow

A wrist-mounted energy crossbow that deals 130 damage per shot every 0.1 seconds. Effective at Short Range.

Poison Bolts

Fires 3 bolts in succession, each dealing 10% maximum Health damage over 4s.

Smoke Screen

Create a smoke cloud that lasts 5s.Grants a 3s stealth every 1s.


Enter stealth for 7.5s. Getting too close to enemy players will reveal you while in stealth.

Time Bomb

Throw a bomb that deals 3000 damage and destroys all shields.