The Self-Appointed Knight

Front Line

Though not of noble birth nor having any real combat training, Fernando assumed the mantle of knighthood when the knight he served met an untimely fate. From that moment on, he wandered from one heroic adventure to the next, making a name for himself throughout the Realm. When the Magistrate called on all loyal houses to join their efforts against the Resistance, he heeded their summons with pride. If his valor in combat and charming confidence can keep his allies from discovering his secret, he might just live to become the champion he knows he can be.

Flame Lance

A short range flamethrower that deals 35 damage per hit every 0.1s and applies a Damage Over Time effect for 200 damage over 2s. The Flame Lance recharges when not firing.


Expand your shield to block 8,000 damage for 10s. You cannot attack while your shield is active.


Shoot a ball of fire that deals 450 damage.


Dash forward at great speed dealing 200 damage.


Fernando and all allies within 70 units cannot be brought below 1500 HP or affected by Damage Over Time effects for 4s.