The Winter Witch


After cleverly tricking and imprisoning a great frost elemental in a magical gemstone, Evie went from apprentice sorceress to winter witch overnight. Though no longer welcome in her home village, which she left to an uncertain fate, she found her talents to be in high demand in the war against the Magistrate. Her true motivations are as mysterious as the exact details of her background, though, causing her allies to question her loyalty as well as how long she can really hope to keep the vengeful elemental contained.

Ice Staff

An Ice Staff that fires a frozen blast dealing 850 damage every second that explodes in an area on impact.

Ice Block

Become immune to all damage for 3s. Cannot move or attack.


Teleport forward a short distance.


Hop on your staff and take flight for 2s.

Ice Storm

Summon a massive ice storm that deals 40 damage every 0.25s, slows and Cripples targets inside, and lasts 6 seconds.