The Unyielding


Buck’s story is just as diverse and complicated as his fighting style, as one is the direct result of the other. Pulling from those experiences, he effectively combines the self-discipline of a devout monk, clever ambushes commonly used by underworld thugs, and the tactics and weaponry of a front-line soldier. Once a loyal member of the Magistrate’s own elite fighting group he has now returned to where it all began, Crosswind Hold, to join the Resistance in their struggle against the Magistrate.


A massive shotgun that fires 20 small pieces of shrapnel that deal up to 700 damage every 1s. Effective at Short Range.

Net Shot

Fire a net that slows a single target by 50% for 2s and deals 200 damage.


Channel your inner energy and heal for 1000 Health over 1.5s.

Heroic Leap

Buck leaps an incredible height and distance.

Buck Wild

Go Buck Wild, refilling your ammo and causing your weapon to fire 60% faster for 6s.