The Worst of Friends

Front Line

While toiling in the gold mines, a particularly wily and inventive goblin named Ruckus stumbled upon the long-lost mind-stone of a fallen war golem. He installed the relic into his mechanical digging suit, hoping it would provide the suit with enough power to outperform the other miners. But he was surprised when the ancient sentience reawakened and brought the suit to life. Though it resented its situation, its pilot, and the name it was given, Bolt nonetheless agreed to a tentative partnership, one that freed them both to scour the Realm in search of fame, fortune, and upgrades.


Incredibly fast firing miniguns that deal 40 damage per shot every 0.04 seconds once fully spun up. Maintain fire to continually speed up the rate of fire. Effective at Medium Range.

Missile Launcher

Fire two missiles that deal 250 damage each in a large area.


Create an energy shield around yourself for 3.5s, absorbing 2500 damage.


Quickly jet in the direction you are moving. You can fire while using Advance. Has 2 charges.

Hexa Fire

Reveal two additional miniguns that deal 120 damage every 0.04 seconds and two rocket launchers that deal 250 damage every .25 seconds. Your Movement Speed is reduced during Hexa Fire but you gain 10% damage reduction.