The Bounty Hunter


As a young recruit in the elite Sentinels unit, Kinessa took to her sniper lessons with an eagerness and enthusiasm that surprised her mentors. Frustrated by the rigors of military life, she left before she could complete her training and struck out on her own. As the Realm descended into chaos and war, vigilante bounty contracts were plentiful, earning her all the fame and fortune she’d lacked while in the service of the Magistrate. She refuses to pick a side in the conflict, though, because it’s much more profitable to contract with both than commit to either.

Sniper Rifle

A combination weapon that fires as an energy carbine or a powerful laser rifle. The carbine does 180 damage per shot every 0.15 seconds.

Sniper Mode

Charge up and fire a long range attack dealing up to 1200 damage.

Oppressor Mine

Kinessa throws out up to 2 mines that deal 20 damage every 0.2s to connected enemies.


Deploy a Transporter that teleports you to its location after a short duration.


For 5s successful shots made to the upper half of an enemy character will deal 50% increased damage. Your Sniper Shots also do not use ammo.