The Lone Wolf


The former commander of the Sentinels, an elite Magistrate military unit, Viktor lives in the shadow of his former glory. He took the blame for what happened during their final mission, was stripped of his rank, and reassigned to a lower position by Grand Magister Karne. His training and skill as a soldier remains unparalleled, though, along with his unwavering loyalty to the Magistrate. Determined to regain his standing, he pushes himself well beyond his limits in battle against the Resistance, striving to end the rebellion before it picks up any further momentum.

Assault Rifle

Fire one shot every 0.1s that deals 135 damage. Effective up to Medium Range.

Iron Sights

Look down the barrel of your rifle. Gain improved accuracy but move 50% Slower.

Frag Grenade

Throw a fragmentation grenade dealing up to 750 damage. Holding <CMD=GBA_Ability_2> will cook the grenade and reduce its detonation time.


Lower your weapon and run 65% faster.


Bring up your Targeting Binoculars. Click on Enemy players to guide an artillery shell dealing 1400 damage to their location. Viktor's Movement speed is slowed while channeling Barrage.