Wekono's Chosen


When Wekono, the Mother of Sorrow and Revenge, turns her gaze to the mortal world, she appoints a champion. In this cycle, the island witchdoctor Mal’Damba has been gifted with her powers and sent into the war to evangelize her faith by laying waste to any who would stand before him. His mastery of dark magic and virulent poisons was already impressive before the insidious goddess imbued him with even greater abilities, rendering him one of the deadliest beings in the Realm, an extension of Wekono’s will.

Spitting Cobra

Fires as glob of venom every 0.55s dealing 400 damage to a single target. Effective at Short Range. Reloading throws the cobra dealing 200 damage and stunning enemies for 1s.

Mending Spirits

Summon a spirit to enchant an ally healing 280 Health every second for 5s.


Toss a gourd full of venom that heals allies for 300 Health every second and damages enemies for 200 Damage every second.


Quickly slither forward, becoming untargetable for the duration.

Dread Serpent

Fire a dark vessel that explodes when it lands, fearing all enemy Champions for 2s.