The Tyrant


Robbed of his noble lineage, Zhin ruthlessly carved out his own throne atop of the criminal underworld. By the time he was a man, he’d won the loyalty of enough thieves, assassins, and corrupt bureaucrats to build his own shadowy empire: the Thousand Hands guild. Anyone scheming against him had a way of vanishing in the middle of the night, while those who confronted him directly met their doom at the end of his wicked flaming sword. He refuses to pick a side in the war, as there’s more profit to be made playing them against each other.

Inferno Blade

Within 2s, Hurl burning oil with two quick swings that deal 400 damage and a heavy swing that deals 700 damage.


Enter a counter stance for 1.5s. If you take an enemy hit to the front of your character you negate any effects of the hit and counter attack with dealing 600 damage.


Disperse into smoke, become un-targetable and gain +30% movement speed for 1.5s.


Lunge forward while swinging your blade in a deadly arc dealing 400 damage to nearby enemies.


Launch forward and incapacitate an enemy with a series of vicious melee attacks while CC immune, dealing 2000 damage over 1.5s.