of the Ska'drin


Talus might still be young and overly optimistic, but he’s got big plans. After almost losing his family to an angry mob that refused to accept the otherworldly Ska’drin as neighbors, he set out on a quest for knowledge. From the shores of an abandoned island paradise to the darkened corridors of the Deepwerks, he uncovered forgotten truths as well as unlocking his inborn aptitude. When the Paladins rose up to oppose the Magistrate, he joined them, eager to put his newfound abilities to work and prove that the Ska’drin deserve a place in the Realm.


A short to medium ranged weapon that deals 110 damage every 0.1s.

Blitz Upper

Charge forward, hitting an enemy for 600 and knocking them straight back.


Overcharge your weapon, causing it to fire 33% faster for 3s without consuming ammo.

Rune of Travel

Inscribe a rune on the ground that will teleport you back to its location after 10s or when reactivated. Teleporting cleanses all effects and heals for 500.

True Power

After a brief charge-up, target an enemy and travel directly to them from anywhere, dealing 600 damage and knocking them back.