Primus of house Aico

Front Line

The Patriarch of House Aico issued a challenge to his captains: hold the house’s banner for as long as possible. Few were strong enough to last a day. The last captain to receive the test, a young man named Khan, held the banner for hours. As his arms tired, he beckoned to a common servant and asked her to take it from him. “Even though I must fall,” he said, “the banner will remain.” This was no test of strength, but one of loyalty to House Aico. Khan passed the test and proved himself worthy of command. Today, he serves Lian as advisor and protector.

Heavy Repeater

Fire one 200 damage shot every 0.26s.


Activate your gauntlet's Bulwark with 6000 Health. Regenerates while inactive.

Battle Shout

Let out a fearsome shout, briefly granting damage immunity to yourself. Additionally, heal yourself and nearby allies for 1000 health.

Commander's Grab

Surge forward! Grabbing, stunning, and throwing the first enemy you contact. Deals 600 damage.


Target an enemy and drag them to you. You may move your powerless victim as you see fit or send them flying with a mighty blast.