The Lost Hand


Once, a nameless street rat challenged the tyrant Zhin. For the boy’s remarkable skills, Zhin granted him a new life in the Thousands Hands Guild, and a new name: Koga. The Guild was Koga’s family and he became their finest ninja. But not all families get along. Jealous lies spread, false evidence was planted, and Zhin’s fury forced Koga to flee. Now the exiled ninja fights for his new family -- The Paladins -- as he searches for the one who betrayed him.

Submachine Guns

Fires two rounds each dealing 40 damage every 0.06s. Hellkite Claws: hurls a fiery slash dealing 650 damage every 0.55s

Shadow Step

Quickly dart forward becoming untargetable for the duration. Consumes 1 unit of Energy. Skewer: Dash forward slicing anything in your path for 700 damage. Consumes all Energy.

Dragon Stance

Unleash your Hellkite Claws. While in this stance you are constantly consuming Energy. Requires 1 unit of Energy available to trigger.


Move 30% faster and increase jump height for 4s. Consumes 1 unit of Energy. Passive: Hold <CMD=GBA_Jump> when running into a wall to climb it.

Cyclone Strike

Melt into the shadows becoming untargetable and striking anyone within 25 feet of you for 1500 damage per second over 2s. Goes through shields.