Admiral of the Abyss


Admiral Dredge ruled the eight oceans as the Realm’s most feared pirate, until one final treasure led to his doom. Dredge stole the Warders’ relics from the Paladins, but could not tame the dragons’ might. His ship was destroyed, his crew scattered, and Dredge sank to certain death in the ocean’s depths. The Abyss intervened and bore Dredge back into the Realm of the living. Now the undead admiral sails the seas again. And none will take his treasure.

Cursed Howitzer

Every 0.7s fire an explosive projectile that deals 850 damage. Reloading fires a slow traveling projectile that deals 1000 damage.


Fire three projectiles that each deal 950 Damage after a 2s fuse.


Hurl a piercing harpoon. Enemies hit by the harpoon take 800 damage and are slowed by 50% for 2s.


Deploy up to two portals that you can travel between.


Create a rift, after 2s Abyssal tentacles rip through reality dealing 4000 Damage in an area.