The Last Warder


Long ago, there was chaos and war. The dragons ruled the Realm, and mankind was left to fight over the scraps. But one wise mage learned the dragon’s secrets. She became the first Warder, the first to command a dragon. It was that Warder’s actions which paved the way for the Paladins’ golden age of peace.The Warders were thought to be dead and gone, a relic of a bygone age. But a beacon was lit in their ancient homeland, an alarm signal that the Warders were needed once again... If there were any left. Imani answered that call. Little is known about the Last Warder’s past before she appeared in Dredge’s treasure trove to recover her relics, but one thing is sure: She will uphold the legacy of her lineage, and stand against the darkness.

Frost Bolt

Frost Bolt deals 650 Damage and slows every 0.8s:Pyre Ball deals 1000 Damage after 1.2s of Charging. Dealing Damage generates Mana. At Full Mana your next attack is instant.

Frost Bomb

Frost Bomb deals up to 800 Damage at max range and also Roots enemies for 1.5s.Reactivate to Detonate mid-air: Inferno Cannon deals 110 Damage every .09s over 3s in a piercing column of fire.

Elemental Shift

Shift your elemental alignment, gaining access to new abilities.

Frostfire Glide

Imani channels both elements, gliding through the air for 3s.

Dragons Call

Summon and control a FrostFire breathing Draconic Avatar.. Inhand Fire button: FrostFire Breath Ability 1 Button: Fly Up Movement Button: Fly Down